Meat Products

NutraSal® for Meat products

Nutramax offers NutraSal® range of products to help food producers create healthier meat products without compromising on taste or functionality.

The ultimate goal of ingredient suppliers and meat processors is to produce reduced sodium meat products that consumers can enjoy as part of an ongoing healthier diet and lifestyle. NutraSal® is an excellent choice to reduce sodium in meat products, sausages, cooked ham, etc.

Related Meat Products and Sodium Facts


According to Statista, the per-capita meat consumption in countries like France, Germany or Italy was forecasted to fall 4kg from 2016 to 2020. However, consumption in the entire EU was expected to increase, with Poland set to see the largest rise.

Sodium Levels

This category represents the first main source of sodium intake from processed food.

Category Trends

Along with fat reduction and clean labeling, among others, sodium reduction is a trend in meat products.

NutraSal® range of products for Meat Products

Zero Sodium

NutraSal® Zero Sodium is a sodium-free salt substitute designed for doctor-recommended sodium restricted diets. 

50% Less Sodium

NutraSal® 50% is an hyposodic salt with 50% less sodium than regular salt (NaCl), designed for a healthy lifestyle.