Culinary Products

NutraSal® for Culinary products

NutraSal® is an excellent choice for culinary products as it allows sodium reduction or even total replacement

The health & wellness trend is a key driver among culinary products and sodium reduction is a major concern. NutraSal® products allow sodium reduction or even total replacement in sauces, dressings, ready to eat meals, etc. Our salt substitute line will help you place your products into the market as a healthy alternative. 

Related Culinary Products and Sodium Facts


Higly urbanized countries tend to consume more culinary products being Western Europe the biggest consumer followed by USA.

Sodium Levels

75% of sodium consumption comes from processed food with culinary products usually containing high levels of salt.

Category Trends

Culinary Products are often perceived negatively as they are high in salt, fat, sugar, etc. The challenge is to find ways to improve health perceptions through formulation and marketing.

NutraSal® range of products for Culinary Products

Zero Sodium

NutraSal® Zero Sodium is a sodium-free salt substitute designed for doctor-recommended sodium restricted diets. 

50% Less Sodium

NutraSal® 50% is an hyposodic salt with 50% less sodium than regular salt (NaCl), designed for a healthy lifestyle.