NutraSal® for Dairy products

NutraSal® has been formulated to provide the food industry with an excellent choice to reduce or eliminate the sodium content in dairy products.

The consumption of cheese is growing worldwide and the formulation of cheeses with low sodium content is not easy. The saltiness of the cheese influences the quality due to its effects on the composition, microbial growth and enzyme activity. NutraSal® is the perfect solution to reduce sodium content in cheese while still providing a high quality end product.

Related Dairy Products and Sodium Facts


Europeans are cheese lovers, according to statista 10 million tons of cheese were consumed in Europe in 2017, which represent 14.2kg per citizen.The US is also a big cheese consumer with a consumption of 5.744 thousand metric tons in 2019.

Sodium Levels

Cheese is an important contributor to salt intake, for example, in the UK dairy products are estimated to contribute about 9% of total salt intake, with cheese accounting for 44%.

Category Trends

The increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease has made consumers wonder if traditionally healthy products as dairy are convenient for their health. The dairy category is also challenged to produce healthier products.

NutraSal® range of products for Dairy Products

Zero Sodium

NutraSal® Zero Sodium is a sodium-free salt substitute designed for doctor-recommended sodium restricted diets. 

50% Less Sodium

NutraSal® 50% is an hyposodic salt with 50% less sodium than regular salt (NaCl), designed for a healthy lifestyle.