Sodium Facts

UK sets new salt targets to be obtained by 2024, read more to learn about the country’s ambitious plan to reduce salt consumption and safe over 2,3 billion USD on healthcare by diminishing heart diseases

Sodium reduction remains a priority and continues to cause millions of deaths in the States. What will Biden’s administration do to tackle this matter? Different experts express their opinions and their suggestions on the way forward.

Brazil, Costa Rica, Paraguay and Peru are taking action to reduce sodium consumption by approaching the matter to the population through social marketing in order to make consumers conscious about the health derived illnesses from excessive salt intake.

Find out more about how even being an essential ingredient to prepare bread, reducing salt content would not affect the bread’s final taste or properties. 

If you want to know all about the current initiatives taking place in European Countries pay a look to what the WHO has to say.

Exceeding the daily recommended salt intake can cause severe health problems. This study explains the contribution of food to sodium consumption levels in Spain.

If you are looking for more information on how to keep tract of the sodium you are consuming per day, check these tips by the American Heart Association and their suggestions regarding sodium consumption.

The British Journal of Nutrition studied the salt intake among Spanish adults by considering the urinary sodium excretion during 24h in a representative sample.

This review by MDPI focuses on salt reduction in food and the sensory evaluation of salt reduced foods.

The Colombian National University studied consumer’s acceptance towards low salt and fat cheeses to determine which are the minimum quantities of salt needed to reach customer satisfaction.

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) — mainly cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes—are the world’s biggest killers. Find out more about WHO Action Plan to reduce them.

Find out all de details about the European Commission’s EU Salt Reduction Framework

This paper reviews the current sodium intake in the European Union and the actions taking place to reduce the content of salt in food.

This paper reviews the different national programs to promote low salt consumption around the world.

This study evaluated the incidence of hypertension and blood pressure changes in relation to urinary sodium excretion and whether or not it could be linked to fatal or non-fatal outcomes. 

Discover the initiatives, strategies and action plans followed by East Mediterranean countries to achieve 2025 sodium reduction targets.

Margarine contains high sodium levels and one of today’s main objectives is to reduce its salt content. A study was conducted by Universidade Federal de Lavras in Brazil to evaluate the acceptance of sodium reduced margarine

This study aimed to estimate the effect of sodium reduction strategies in The Netherlands, starting by the reduction of salt in processed food and it’s acceptance among consumers.