Table Top Salt

NutraSal® for Table Top Salt

Crystalline NutraSal® is especially indicated as table salt. With NutraSal® 50% less sodium or NutraSal® Zero sodium, you can easily take care of your heart and overall health.

The amount of salt ingested through our diets is a key determinant of blood pressure levels and cardiovascular risk. Excessive intake of salt has also been related to other diseases, such as gastric cancer or obesity. Several studies affirm that the salt added at the table or during cooking represents only 15%, why not reduce it even more using low sodium or sodium free table salt?

Related Table Top Salt and Sodium Facts


Most of us tend to add uncooked salt to our meals when they don’t feel tasty but did you know that uncooked salt is way worse than cooked one because it can’t be easily absorbed by the body causing a spike in the systolic blood pressure levels? We highly recommend people with high blood pressure to avoid this practice.

Sodium Levels

Several studies claim that salt added during cooking or at the table represents only 15%, although it seems a low percentage, it is convenient to decrease it even more since the consumption of salt worldwide practically doubles the WHO recommendations.

Category Trends

42% of consumers consider salt/sodium to be an ingredient that has a negative impact on health. 44% of consumers aged 18-34 claim to proactively seek products which improve their health.

NutraSal® range of products for Table Top

Zero Sodium

NutraSal® Zero Sodium is a sodium-free salt substitute designed for doctor-recommended sodium restricted diets. 

50% Less Sodium

NutraSal® 50% is an hyposodic salt with 50% less sodium than regular salt (NaCl), designed for a healthy lifestyle.